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Grade 9 Tech Courses

TEJ1OI - Grade 9 Open - Computer Technology

This program is geared to students who enjoy using computers. They will gain an understanding of both computer hardware and software. Creativity, design and problem-solving are the focus of this course. Using many industry-standard software tools and methods, students will sample a variety of high-tech career skills. Graphic design and animation, hardware basics, creating introductory computer software, and computer-aided design are some of the topics to be covered. This course will prepare students for subsequent classes in Communications Tech, Tech Design, Computer Tech and Computer Science.

TIJ1OI - Grade 9 Open - Exploring Technology

This program gives the student who likes to "learn by doing" the opportunity to explore our more traditional tech facilities. Students learn metal machining while in the manufacturing facility as they make a project out of metal. In the construction shop students learn basic woodworking and electrical concepts while making neat projects. Automotive fundamentals are covered as students get to take apart and put back together a small 4 cycle engine in our Transportation Lab. This exciting course involves activity based learning while developing practical skills that students will have for the rest of their lives.