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IDC4UW - Architecture

This course is designed as an Introduction to Architecture. The focus of the course is to provide students with an overview of the role of architecture and the architect in society both today and throughout history. Students will research the role of architecture in defining culture and civilization, the impact of technology in architecture, the role of engineering, the practical skills of the architect, artistic and cultural interpretation in design and the social considerations of architectural planning and design. This program was developed in conjunction with the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture to introduce students to fundamentals of design and presentation in Architecture.

This program is part of the GCI Design Magnet

Prerequisites: any Grade 11 program at the University (U) or University/College (M) level.

Project Examples: (The photos below are in addition to the following descriptions and are not necessarily linked)

1. Extreme Remodel is where students remodel an existing old building into a new restaurant. (The Architect as an Artist unit)

2. The Wildlife Reserve project is where students design a living space for an endangered species. (The Architect and Society unit)

3. Research famous architects and architecture to inspire your own designs by exploring history through fun and inventive ways. (The Architect in History unit)